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[:fr]0316 – Sales Development Representative Internship  [:]

[:fr]Patient  Journey  App  is  a  start-­up  launched  in  2014,  based  in  Amsterdam.  Our  award-­winning  app  is  a   simple  but  highly  effective  solution  for  health  care  professionals  to  inform  and activate  their  patients   about  the  next  steps  in  their  treatment.     In  the  Netherlands  we  are  rapidly  growing  and  now  we  have  entered  a  new  phase  of  international   expansion.  To support  our  international  roll-­out  and  help  us  to  grow  quickly  in  the  foreign  markets,   we  are  looking  for  a  Sales  Development  Representative.

We  offer  a  challenging  position  to  play  an  important  role  in  our  young  organization.  As  a  Sales   Development  Representative  intern,  you  will  learn  about  all  aspects  of  building  a start-­up  and  add   immediate  and  direct  value  to  our  revenue  growth.  This  includes,  developing  a  strong  technical  sales   skill  set,  learning  about  online  marketing  but  also  providing  a world-­class  customer  success.

Your  responsibilities:

  • Build  prospect  list  and  help  generate  quality  leads  to  meet  our  revenue  targets   
  • Constantly  generate  and  nurture  new  business  opportunities
  • Align,  collaborate  and  report  sales  progress  to  our  Head  of  Growth 
  • Create  a  positive  first  impression  to  our  prospects
  • Engage  with  clients  by  offering  a  world-­class  experience
  • Assist  in  online  marketing  activities
  • Develop  and  write  content  for  our  website  and  blog

Our  ideal  candidate:  

We  are  looking  for  a  student  or  graduate  with  a  commercial  bachelor  or  master  education,  who  is   internationally  oriented  and  fluent  in  English.  Speaking  and  writing  in  other languages  is  a  pro.

You  are  a  good  fit  for  this  position  if  you:

-­‐   Are  sales  and  customer  driven

-­‐   Can  work  independently  on  assigned  projects

-­‐   Feel  comfortable  with  lots  of  responsibilities

-­‐   Are  able  to  build  strong,  productive  relationships  with  prospects  and  have  previous  experience   in  doing  so

-­‐   Have  previous  sales  or  cold  calling  experience  (preferred,  but  not  required)

-­‐   Are  fun  to  work  with  and  you  like  to  work  hard

-­‐   Enjoy  to  work  in  a  small  dynamic  team  where  you  can  develop  yourself  quickly

Our  offer:

We  give  you  the  opportunity  to  work  in  an  environment  where  you  will  have  a  direct  impact  on  the   future  success  of  the  company  and  the  ability  to  learn  new  things.  Our  team  is dedicated  and  consists   of  bright  young  people  that  truly  believe  in  our  product.  We  have  a  relaxed  working  atmosphere  but   we  work  really  hard  to  make  our  company  a  success.

The  position  is  fulltime,  for  3  –  6  months  and  you  will  work  in  our  office  in  the  centre  of  Amsterdam.

The  compensation  for  this  internship  is  €  400  –  €  500  a  month,  depending  on  your  previous   experience  and  education.

Come  and  join  our  ride!

Send your CV and a short motivation to:  + copy at contact@avenir-2.local[:]