Job description

Do you also like going to work with a big smile on your face every day? Not only because of the great environment you work in, but also because you are working on projects that matter? Projects that make the world a little better? And on top of that because you are working on one of today’s largest revolutions: solar power? 

Then keep on reading!
At Sungevity we are growing fast and because of that, we are looking for French-speaking ‘Solar Warriors’ who want to join our energetic team. We started in the garden shed of our founder in 2012, with the mission to launch a Rooftop Revolution: all roofs full of solar panels to boost the energy transition. How? By using our unique method: we work with an extreme customer-focus approach, using advanced software that enables us to make customized remote solar designs specifically designed to meet customer’s needs. We now have almost 160 solar warriors that work from our office at the IJ in the North – the new centre- of Amsterdam. Besides delivering solar to customers in The Netherlands, we also service customers throughout Italy and Belgium! 

What will you be doing?
Sungevity is rapidly growing and that is why we are looking for a motivated French-speaking Sales Support Associate. As a Sales Support Associate you will manage the first contact moments with our potential clients. Together with your colleagues you will follow up on the incoming leads. Based on aerial photos and satellite images you will decide if the client’s roof is suitable for solar panels or not. During the call you will also identify the needs and wishes of the client. If the roof is suitable and the client wants more information about our products, you will schedule an appointment with our Solar Consultants. Based on your input, our technical RSD department will make a design for the client’s roof. The better you write down the needs and characteristics of the roof, the better the Solar Consultants can do their jobs. And of top of that, the more enthusiastic the client will be after the conversation, the bigger the chance that the client will buy our products. 

Working at Sungevity is more
Besides contributing to a better world, – you can calculate exactly how much CO2 your customers have saved at the end of the month -, working at Sungevity has many more pro’s: 


Are you the Solar Warrior we are looking for?

We believe that you can be very good at this position if you have a broad background, but we would like to see candidates who meet a number of criteria:

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How cool would it be if you could say: « about solar power: in my time we still had these – they were called solar panels – on our roofs. Now solar cells are everywhere. Weird that we used to get our energy from coal … », when you are 65. As if you worked on the first Macintosh! 🙂

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