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Financial Advisor

32 hours


Job description



Foundation Rural Energy Services (FRES) advances electrification in rural areas in Africa by establishing small-scale, commercially operating utilities. They provide households and small businesses with electricity, preferably generated by solar energy, to meet the demand for proper lighting, radio and TV, charging cell phones, and a broad range of commercial activities. In this way they contribute to the social and economic development and social cohesion of rural areas.


FRES is a non-profit, small multinational, founded in 2004, and consists of companies in Mali, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Uganda and Guinea-Bissau and a head office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


FRES-Netherlands is, within the boundaries set by the FRES Board, responsible to guide the FRES Companies and:

  • Develop, agree objectives and strategy for each FRES Company.
  • Develop, agree annual plans and budgets for each FRES Company.
  • Set boundary conditions, policies and guidelines.
  • Appoint Management Team staff of each FRES Company, appraise their performance.
  • Monitor and appraise the performance and strategy of their business.
  • Arrange for specific authorisations for investments, divestments, major activities.
  • Arrange for mandatory services such as central procurement (unless otherwise agreed).
  • Promote adherence to the FRES fee-for-service business model.
  • Develop new business to generate new FRES customers.
  • Have an internal control framework in place to manage risks and opportunities; and to demonstrate compliance.
  • Report to the FRES Board on status, progress


FRES-Netherlands has a team of approx. 5 staff members to perform the activities who report to the General Director. FRES Netherlands is currently looking to fill the position of Financial Advisor within the team. FRES Netherlands has outsourced most of its financial administration. FRES Companies have their own financial administration. FRES Group Companies have a turnover of approx. € 10 million per annum in existing business and new developments (50/50) with a total of 230 direct staff.



The Financial Advisor is responsible for providing the FRES-NL team, the FRES Board and the FRES Supervisory Board timely with high quality financial and administrative data and information that will enable the team to effectively steer and manage the FRES Group interests, both for existing and new business. In addition, the Finance Advisor will prepare and coordinate the call for tenders and evaluation of  procurement tenders that are issued by FRES-NL 2-3 per year.


Key responsibilities

  • Ensuring timely delivery of consolidated FRES Group monthly reports, including financial data and narrative explanations;
  • Managing the contract with the external Administration Office;
  • Effective coordination of the budget cycle;
  • Ensure timely delivery of the annual accounts, including auditors’ approval;
  • Advising the General Director with respect to cash flow management within the FRES Group;
  • Ensuring appropriate monitoring, financial reporting and evaluation of projects towards the project sponsors (EU, OFID, EEP,… as the case may be), including closure of the projects, in line with the requirements of the subsidy contracts;
  • Obtaining approval for updated yearly budget forecasts from external project sponsors.
  • Responsible for managing the FRES-NL cash book, expense claims and payment of invoices;
  • Maintaining strong relationships and ensuring good communication between sponsor delegations (EU, World Bank,…), FRES-NL and FRES companies;
  • Coordination of procurement the tendering process, together with the Business Developer.


All these responsibilities are executed under the supervision of the General Director


Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to take the initiative, and to work independently and with a minimum of supervision and support (i.e. to be self-servicing);
  • Proven skills with respect to finance, business and project administration;
  • Understanding the information needs of other team members, assisting them to identify and present business issues arising that need to be addressed, improved;
  • Experience with handling business plan and budget cycle, as well as the project cycle;
  • Ability to work under pressure, to multi-task and to manage time efficiently;
  • Possesses the ability to communicate effectively with major external stakeholders such as EU and World Bank;
  • Excellent written and spoken English and French;
  • Good interpersonal and intercultural skills.




For further information about our work and the job, please check our website or ask, mobile phone + 31 655387505. Are you interested? Please send a motivational letter and your resume to  Myra Rijssel at

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